Top 29 Self-Care Podcasts to Listen Right Now

Are you occupied with work so much that you seldom get time to sit down, relax, and ask yourself how you have been doing all along? We live in an age where work-life balance is less than nothing, and we seldom get time to think about our health and well-being. To meet the increasing competition in the workplace and our careers, there is no time for self-care, which is translating into a mental and physical health concern.
If you haven't realized yet how important self-care is, maybe it is time to get some motivation and prioritize yourself. Here are the thirty best self-care podcasts that will inspire you to take care of yourself and become the wealthiest person by staying healthy:

Not another Anxiety Show:

Not another anxiety show is a podcast hosted by Kelli Walker, a certified wellness and fitness coach and registered nurse. As a former victim of anxiety and panic attacks, Walker profoundly understands the subject and has great compassion for those struggling with this. She aims to spread awareness and help people get freedom from the firm grip of anxiety and its aftermath. This podcast is an incredible source for understating and learning how we can interact with ourselves and the world around us. It will motivate you to get out of that gloominess and hold on to the tiny ray of hope to rise and shine. You will have a good laugh and an encouragement to work on your well-being.

Simple Self-Care with Randi Kay:

Procrastination, overthinking, inability to focus, and indecisiveness are a few of the issues that stem from stress and have become widely common. They may sound simple, but they are the biggest hurdle in your productivity boost, thus, leaving tons of work unfinished and goals unfulfilled. If you feel any of it, you are not alone, but you can overcome it using simple tips and techniques. The proper guidance from this podcast will enable you to look beyond these feelings and become more productive either at home or the workplace. Simple self-care with Randi Kya will serve as a sound guide to make your life more wholesome.

SELF CARE IRL, a podcast by Ty Alexander:

Self-care IRL, hosted by Ty Alexander, is one of the few podcasts that inspired you to become your better self. Alexander helps you learn and explore strategies that will not just keep you motivated but will drag you out of your mundane and become more productive. Life isn't all about happy moments and joyous occasions; it's about coping with the challenges and moving onwards no matter how hard it seems; this is what Alexander propagates through her inspirational self-care IRL podcast. This one is a must-listen if you are finding it hard to get along with life struggles.

It sure is a Beautiful Day by Catt Sadler:

It sure is beautiful day is an inspirational self-care podcast hosted by three-time Emmy winner host Catt Sadler. She interviews all the steel-strong women who overcame the nerve-wrenching challenges of life. She also invites her close family and friends to talk about real-life issues, i.e., relationships, health, personal growth, and wellness. These wholesome conversations will not just enlighten you but will give you the right motivation to work on your empowerment and wellness. Do listen to this one!

The Self-Care Life with Sara Miller:

Women often feel overwhelmed owing to the burden of expectations they carry along throughout their lives. Managing a household while working full-time is genuinely stressful. Sara Miller's self-care life is all about encouraging women to become stronger and greater than their lives. She shares her insights to make our lives easier and simpler by mastering the art of overcoming anxiety and reaching your goals. With a 1K and above the audience, Sara Miller's self-care podcasts play a significant part in shaping the lives of women struggling to hold on to their daily lives. You are bound to feel inspired to do better!

The Self-Care Lifestyle Podcast:

The self-care lifestyle podcast by Kelly Driscoll is there 'to help, inspire and guide the journey to your best self.' Driscoll creates content about skincare, self-care, and personal development to encourage people to live healthier and happier life. With 7.3 million views on YouTube, this podcast is changing the lives of many globally. You can learn more about the positive outcomes of mental well-being and how it is essential to take care of yourself to feel more empowered and confident. Taking charge of your life is the key to success!

Self-care for Extremely Busy Women – The Basics:

Being financially independent and having a stable job is every woman's dream, but being extremely busy does not mean you should overlook your self-care and well-being. Self-care for extremely busy women is all about maintaining a healthy work-life balance. It includes all the basics and tried and tested techniques to help you cope with a busy schedule. You will learn how to take care of wellness while being the best of yourself at the workplace. The podcast also includes interviews with a few influential people that will work as a guide for you to become your best version.

An Unapologetic Self-Care Movement for Brown Women:

Brown people have a life-long history of being marginalized and falling prey to racial prejudices. Whether it's literature or movies, you can see how these people have fought the odds, built their careers, and emerged stronger than ever. An unapologetic self-care movement for brown women is a podcast dedicated to highlighting how taking care of one's emotional and physical needs can ensure a successful personal and professional life. Its content is solely dedicated to brown women and can help them fight depression and leave a lasting impression on people around them, thus, making their existence an inspiration.

The Humanitarian Self-Care Podcast:

As the name suggests, the humanitarian self-care podcast is 'A show by and for humanitarian aid workers who want to feel good while doing good'! Taking care of others is the highest of virtues, but not paying attention to yours can take a toll on your well-being. The humanitarian self-care podcast is all about spreading awareness about the possible challenges and problems that a humanitarian can encounter. Make sure to add this to your list if you want some wholesome motivation to focus more on your mental and physical well-being.

The Happy Healthy Caregiver Podcast by Elizabeth Miller:

You can only take care of others and become a caregiver for your family if your loved ones if your physical and mental health is well-intact. To spread love, you need to love yourself first. The happy, healthy caregiver podcast by Elizabeth Miller is all about managing the caregiver's responsibilities with your work and life. This may sound like a lot, but you can do it all if you are more focused on personal wellness. With stories, tips, and tricks of family caregivers, you can learn how to be your best self at every phase of life. Make self-care a ritual to yield its endless benefits for you and the people around you.

The Self Work Podcast:

The self-work podcast is run by an experienced psychologist Dr. Margaret Rutherford. This is one of the top-rated podcasts addressing depression and mental health concerns. It has earned more than 3 million downloads over the last few years, thus, signifying how helpful it is. It addresses all the issues that can take a toll on our mental well-being. Coping with loneliness and despair can be challenging; making your time more useful is the key to leading a healthier life, and the self-work podcast is there to become part of your betterment process.

Self-Care 101 by Puja McClymont:

Self-care 101 is a conversational podcast about self-development. It is for the 'rebels and change makers' who want more from their lives. Sabotaging your success and playing little to just fit in the surroundings can victimize your mental health. You can learn to take pride in your achievements through these amazing self-care 101 podcasts in an informative, relaxed, and fun way. You can get insights into self-wellbeing and personal growth through the amazing content of this podcast.

The Daily Drive with John Downs:

Self-discovery and personal development ensure a healthier and happier life. John Down, who has been a life coach for ten years and a former religious educator, is helping people with their life's journey towards betterment and personal growth. His podcast includes both 'behavioral science and spiritual perspective' regarding enhancing the quality of life. His 'the daily drive' podcast covers all the tricks and tips needed to bring your best version forward. You will learn to connect with your true 'authentic self,' discover your capabilities, and use them for your betterment.

Giving Self-Care a Name Claiming Time for Herself Interview with Adrianne:

This episode is part of Tami Hackbarth's 100% guilt-free self-care podcast series. Many women, particularly working ones, tend to believe that taking time for oneself is selfish. They consider themselves responsible for balancing between work and life and seldom pay attention to their mental and physical well-being. While interviewing Adrianne, Hackbarth emphasizes the importance of paying attention to individual wellness, which later translates into a happier and healthier life. Make sure to listen carefully to this one and learn to take time for your self-development!

Quieting the Noise of Negative Self-Talk:

Quieting the noise of negative self-talk is an episode included in the 'Friends with Mental Health Benefits' podcast by Marah and Naomi with Trinity Mouzon Wofford. Imposter syndrome can also take a toll on your self-confidence and overshadow your workability. This episode is bound to compel you to get rid of all your fears and step up to take charge of your life and do better. This conversational interview is full of the motivation you need for personal growth. Do listen to this one!

The Calmer You Podcast:

Stress, anxiety, and depression can push you back from being the best version of yourself. You can keep on overthinking the basic stuff. The recurrent procrastination and inability to focus lead you to failure. The calmer you podcast will help in healing your anxiety, toning down all the negative emotions, and letting you focus on your personal growth. This podcast includes interviews with guests from the world of nutrition, medicine, mental health, and personal development who educate you to use different practice tools to become calmer and happier. Become more self-assured; it's a prerequisite to your success.

Self-Coaching Wisdom Revealed:

Why do we hire a coach? To excel at something! Likewise, becoming a self-coach means mastering the art of grooming yourself. Self-coaching allows you to work on your betterment and ensure a successful future. This specific podcast highlights the importance of working on yourself and using your free time more productively. Self-coaching wisdom revealed is an episode of the life coach school podcast that will bring lots of food for thought.

The HealthCare Provider Happy Hour:

As the name suggests, this podcast is solely dedicated to healthcare providers. When it comes to becoming a healthcare provider, you need to be one step ahead in taking care of yourself. You can only continue your passion for helping those in need by ensuring your well-being. The healthcare provider happy hour is the podcast that will make it easier for caregivers to keep their wellness intact by using simple self-care tips and techniques. Aligning your passion with your career will empower you to take care of patients more effectively.

The Thriving Giver — 7 Principles for Enhanced Self-Care and Burnout Prevention:

If you are a nurse and genuinely want to help those in need but find it challenging to keep yourself motivated, The Nurse Keith Show is the podcast you should be listening to. The host, Nurse Keith, has extensive experience working in ‘clinical settings, including home health, community health, case management, public health, hospice, and nursing education,’ thus, making the podcast content highly effective and relatable. Each episode includes guests from the healthcare industry. You can use this podcast to guide yourself from burnout and unnecessary stress. For more valuable insights and thoughtful content about self-care for nurses and healthcare providers, tune into The Nurse Keith Show now!

Self-Care/Internal Conversations/Feelings: Dr. Sogol Pahlavan – Pediatrician:

If you are a working woman and feeling stuck and drained all the time, you are not alone! Working constantly and trying to find a balance between work and life can be overwhelming. Besides, burnout can be the ultimate outcome of untreated stress. Dr. Sogol is an experienced pediatrician who has been victimized by burnout which compelled her to focus more on self-care and spread awareness about it. She is a certified mindfulness coach whose thoughtful take on mindful living can positively transform your life.

The Men’s Self-Help Podcast:

The realization of self-worth is synonymous with a boost in confidence and a healthier perception of oneself. No matter how well-learned you are or what kind of environment you live in, if you are not confident about who you are, it becomes hard to survive! This podcast by Dr. John Moore, a practicing psychologist, is about seven amazing ways to increase your worth and learn to be comfortable in your skin. Increasing your self-worth is likely to help you battle and eradicate all the issues linked to low self-esteem, thus, ensuring a happier and healthier life.

Calm and Connected:

The environment kids are raised in directly impacts their mental and physical well-being. If you are well-versed in the techniques to make your kids more confident and resilient, you can ensure a healthier future for them. Clam and connected podcast by Janine Halloran is among the most popular resources focused on the well-being of kids. You can learn about various games and activities that can encourage your kids to do better in life. Inculcating social skills during early years will condition your kids to have a balanced life, where self-care and all the other things go hand in hand. You will love the valuable content of this podcast!

Cultivating the Self-Care Mindset at Work with Jeanette Bronée:

Is the fear of losing your job hindering your productivity? This episode of the culture lab podcast will take care of all your ambiguities and concerns. Aga Bajer and Jeanette Bronee's in-depth conversation about the connection between self-care mindset and work culture will enable you to reclaim your agency over yourself and your working methods. Ask yourself some essential and difficult questions to get out of all your fears and step into the land of higher self-esteem and enhanced productivity. Work on yourself to make your mark at the workplace!

Building Routines for Self-help Rejects:

Every podcast talks about the routine of a neurotypical person, but we seldom shed light on the self-care of neurodivergent. This Q&A session is among the most listened to and downloaded episodes of Struggle care with KC Davis podcast. Neurodivergent have different perceptions of things, and the typical methods of working might not be feasible for them. This podcast is all about finding what routines and patterns work for our brain and how to cope with a lack of self-motivation and increase productivity. If you are battling a mental health concern, this podcast might address your unanswered questions!

The Courageous Self-Care Podcast:

Are you one of those people who are just a giver and never expect anything in return? That may sound like 'being kind,' but this practice unknowingly drains all your energy! If you are missing out on self-care, you are somewhere near the breaking point! Having unrealistic expectations from yourself can take a toll on your mental wellness. The courageous podcast will undoubtedly inculcate self-care motivation in you. Being kind to yourself can do wonders for your overall health! Putting yourself first ensures a happier life and successful work; learn this art with Christina Marlett through her mindful content of the podcast.

Self-Care with the Sun, Moon, and Stars with the Witch of Lupine Hollow:

Are you a fan of astrology and mystical content? This podcast will become your favorite once you listen to it. As the title suggests, this episode will explore how the changes in season can make you practice self-care and make your life more fulfilling. Moreover, 'knowing how your personal astrology affects how you experience the seasons' is a satisfying feeling. Learn more about the moon's phases, their effect on your life, and how they are linked to your zodiac sign through this podcast's 'witchy' content.

Young Voices: The Y+ Global Podcast:

Young Voices: The Y+ Global Podcast is a vociferation of young people from all around the world to debate and discuss issues related to sexual and reproductive health. The topics usually include causes of the spread and prevention of HIV, possible treatments, and care strategies for those suffering from it. This podcast is a wholesome conversation about sexuality, gender, and all the stigmas associated with the self-realization of one's identity. This one is a must-listen to keep up with the novel social issues.

The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos:

We all have different perceptions of happiness and the ways we can get it. Dr. Laurie Santos, a professor at Yale, has done thorough research about what actually makes us happy. It is the complete opposite of what we consider sources of happiness. Her podcast 'The Happiness Lab' will reveal all the secrets, latest scientific research, and inspiring stories that can make your life a lot better and contend. Her podcast is a breath of fresh air for those who are tired of finding joy in money, vacation, or other costly assets.

Kristian Blummenfelt, the Ministry Of Truth, & Sustainable Self-Growth:

The term' sustainable self-growth signals the importance of keeping the growth process intact. This podcast is an exciting take on the concept of self-betterment. According to Rich Roll, the host of Roll On: 'Be gracious to yourself. Let go of the need to do everything all at once. Focus on improving one thing at a time. The content of this podcast is a discussion about maintaining a healthy life that by no means overburdened you to make your self-growth process sustainable and lasting. You will love how inspiring this talk is!


Self-care is not a complex concept rather it is as simple as it sounds, yet you cannot overlook its transformational benefits. If you have been short on some self-love lately you must tune into these inspiring podcasts to know why you should be prioritizing it. Take a step towards making your life happier and healthier!