Herbal Sleep Aid | Passionflower Extract

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Herbal Sleep Aid | Passionflower Extract

CKE Naturals CKE Naturals | Herbal Sleep Aid | Passionflower Extract
CKE Naturals CKE Naturals | Herbal Sleep Aid | Passionflower Extract

Herbal Sleep Aid | Passionflower Extract

13 reviews
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Health Benefits

  • Calm Relaxation before Sleep*
  • Relief of Restlessness*

NEW: Passionflower, Extract

SLEEP SUPPORT* - Traditionally used for Calm Relaxation before Sleep & Relief of Restlessness*

Passionflower (Passiflora Incarnata) is a beautiful climbing plant that was introduced to Europe from the Americas by the Spanish in the 16th century. It has been used since the late 19th and early 20th centuries to help with insomnia and restlessness.

Passionflower is an excellent relaxant and sleep aid, especially when going through a period of mental stress.

  • Clinically proven to provide relief for anxiety
  • Eases the transition into restful sleep without next-day hangover

      SUGGESTED USE: Shake well before use. Mix 1 full dropper (30 drops) in juice or water, under the tongue or as desired. May be taken 3 times daily.

      *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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      Patricia M.
      Canada Canada

      Best treatment I have come across for anxiety

      This is by far, the best treatment I have come across for anxiety. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder with panic and am supposed to be on medication. I tried this after a woman at a health food store recommended it. It greatly reduces my irrational thoughts and anxiety. I take the Passion flower extract on a daily basis and it quickly relaxes me but does not interfere with my job or driving. I have tried many natural products for anxiety and this is the only thing that has helped.

      William N.
      Canada Canada

      I no longer take BP meds.

      I take it for Hypertension. Stress and Anxiety raise my blood pressure. Passionflower calms me thus lowering my blood pressure. I no longer take BP meds.

      Connor F.
      Canada Canada

      More people should talk about this

      I take passionflower for both anxiety and insomnia and I think it works a lot better or at least as well as lorazepam which is similar to Xanax. I feel like passionflower needs more attention because nobody knows about it and it took me a long time to find it after doing a lot of research on the Internet. I use it in combination with melatonin to help me sleep. It definitely helps me go to sleep which is never really been a problem but I think it also helps me stay asleep a little bit longer.

      Helen D.
      Canada Canada

      Works wonders

      I read about Passionflower while in nursing school. I have severe anxiety and pre-testing for my nursing exams, my anxiety was through the roof! I could not focus and was literally near panic mode. That is when I first tried passionflower extract. To date-no other herb has worked better for me than passionflower. I don't recommend drinking it if you will be driving or operating heavy equipment, but in a safe setting-this drop works wonders!!!

      Michael S.
      Canada Canada

      Definitely a miracle, so happy I've tried it.

      I'm a case of severe anxiety and panic disorder brought on by untreated PTSD. I was given SSRIs, which did worse. I tried benzos, but never again. I put about 10 drops of Passionflower in a glass of water. Not only can it stop an attack in its tracks but keeps my mind calm, and physical symptoms at bay.

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