Kava Root (fine powder) - Vanuatu | Stress-Relief & Anxiety Support

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CKE Naturals Kava Root Powder - Vanuatu

Kava Root (fine powder) - Vanuatu | Stress-Relief & Anxiety Support

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Stress & Anxiety Relief | Fresh Vanuatu Kava Root

Vanuatu Kava is the perfect kava to drink for stress relief or to reduce feelings of anxiousness.

Vanuatu Kava is very relaxing and is recommended for drinking in the late afternoon or evening. This makes it an excellent choice for a good night’s sleep.

One of the best premium kavas on the market for deep mind and body relaxation – our kava is sourced direct from small Vanuatu island farmers for quality, freshness, and proven effects.

Vanuatu Kava quickly calms your mind and makes your body feel heavy and relaxed. Initial relaxation is followed by more relaxing effects.

DIRECTIONS OF USE (ADULT): To prepare, put 1g (½ teaspoon) into a teabag, cloth or other filter or straining device, immerse into a cup (150-180 mL) of cool water (not hot), and gently knead and squeeze for 15 or more minutes. Be sure to further filter the kava water extract, as needed, to remove any solids before drinking. Take 3 times per day. Do not exceed the maximum recommended dosage or consume within an hour of other medications. Consult a health care practitioner for use beyond 4-6 weeks.

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